2011-02-18 17:00:34 by Pushbar

Midnight Ocean

This is my new classical piece. Let me know what you think :)

8-BIT SUITE for Reason Users - FREE!!!!

2010-02-16 11:52:48 by Pushbar

Introducing the new Pushbar 8-bit Suite for Reason 4 users. It is a combinator patch that contains 3 instances of Thor.
The patch includes square waves with variable pulse widths, a triangle channel for creating bass sounds and a noise channel for creating drums and sound effects.

The keyboard is split into 3 sections for each of these channels. These sections can be changed by clicking the "Show Programmer" button. This may be necessary if, for example, you want to use the square channel to play the bass notes.

The square channel is velocity sensitive - the greater the velocity, the greater the pulse width. The velocity sensitivity can be turned off by clicking the "Velocity" button, and the modulation wheel can be used to alter the pulse width.

The noise channel is also velocity sensitive - The greater the velocity, the longer the release of the note.

By default, the patch limits the polyphony of each channel, as if it was a true 8-bit system. This feature can be turned off by clicking the "Full Polyphony" button.

The patch can be downloaded as a .zip file Here

Here is a song i made using entirely this patch.

Please try it out and leave a comment!

8-BIT SUITE for Reason Users - FREE!!!!